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0-3 Years

Our full day Infant/Toddler program provides the time, support and space for children to safely explore their environment. Our dedicated staff help promote creativity and inspiration through an emphasis on nature and play-based learning.

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3-5 Years

Our full day program for children 3-5 years focuses on social development, self regulation, learning skills through hands on experience, and spending time exploring the outdoors.

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Kindergarten - 12 years

Our program for school-aged children includes regular outdoor play, indoor activities and an opportunity for homework time. Staff share knowledge as children pursue areas of their own interest through guided activities and free play.

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6-12 Years Summer Program

During the summer months, school-aged children may attend a full day program.

Our Mission

Kinder Play Child Care Centre is dedicated to providing a safe and inspiring environment to encourage the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language development of all ages and abilities of children.

Our staff strive to meet the diverse needs of the children in order to develop internal motivation, creative and flexible thinking skills, awareness of nature, and a sense of belonging in our community.